Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A New Year on it's way

This rainbow was over my house 2 days after Christmas and it made me stop for a minute and think, 2008 was great and 2009 will be even better! Jacob and I both had a good year this year and have a lot to look forward to. I learned a lot this year and had some great guidance from some great friends!
I have some goals, not going to call them resolutions this year, just goals and I do plan to meet them.

Oh and this is the end result of an XBOX 360 and a wirless controller~love you man!
We wish all of you a very safe and Happy New Year~

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

rockin the 80's~

So a few months ago I created a Facebook, I am a myspacer and blogger. At any rate it put me in touch with a bunch of people from high school, Parkview that is. I thought I could give you a good laugh today....

Jennifer & I, yes we had our picture made "professionally" with our matching scarves! And seriosuly people what IDIOT prescribed me those glasses? Really?? And yes they were prescribed. I had my eyes checked a few months ago and they were perfect, hmmmm

This picture was taken at school, what in the world am I doing with that get up on at school???

Entering the football field at half time to perform (PV Dance Team)....remember these little stickers we used to put on pictures, lol. Well they will not come off! And how happy I look to be there. I had a date afterwards and was probably ready to go....

Leotards in class??? Are you serious????

School was out on this day due to snow and Jennifer and I ran off with some boys in a 4WD (yes we knew them, they were actually our boyfriends) and got in so much trouble, seriously grounded...
Miller Lite girls? pleeeeease!

And this one I put up just for the laughs of the blue eye shadow and the hair, my hair is straight as a board so just imagine how many hours that took..

Stay tuned for more and if you are on my FB look out I may post pics of you =)

Monday, December 29, 2008

Saturday night Jacob spent the night with my sister so that he could go hunting with Shane on Sunday. I sure wish he could have got a deer, better luck next time! While he was gone Michelle and I stepped out for a little Getty's entertainment!