Wednesday, September 5, 2007


And yes we practiced in the rain until 8:15. The boys got their uniforms last night and Jacob got #3 for the third year in a row~YAY!! When registering you get to pick two numbers a first choice and a second choice, if you get your number is often a gamble. Back when Jacob played for the Blue Twisters I picked #3 for him as that was my softball number for many years. Well it has stuck.
The coach came to the car as we were leaving and said to Jacob "we sure will have a tough time without you Saturday, we don't have a center" Jacob just hung his head, he is a devoted child. And this kind of urked me a little, I do not like to see him feel guilty.
Although we will not be here Saturday the message is still ....


Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Our weekend was fairly laid back. Friday night Jacob had a skating party. Saturday morning Jacob & I watched Carson while Denise got her nails done~do you think we wore him out or what? Saturday night Jacob spent the night with Deven and then Deven came and spent the night Sunday night, lots of XBOX 360. Terri spent the night also.
2 more days until the beach, I cant belive it is time!!