Friday, July 27, 2007

Momma I'm Coming Home

Tomorrow I am going to meet Michele in Alma to pick up Jacob =)


I finally made it to the grocery store....with Jacob not home there has been no need, UNTIL I ran out of bottled water and it was time to go!
Then off to bed early again. With that being said I am very well rested and have plans for a girl's nite tonight, much needed.
Thoughts and prayers are with Brittney today with the loss of her grandmother.
On the D.L. I have walked 3 days in a row now but elect to not really discuss it in fear that I may jinks (sp?) myself. Keep it up is all I can tell myself.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

My friend Gale is a grandmother now~congrats to both Gale & Alexis and Aunt Haley too ;) Hayden Parker Allison

Hadley Kay Harper

Congratulations to my cousin Robin on the birth of her beautiful daughter Hadley. I am a wee bit late on this one, sorry!
She is a precious little girl and Jacob & I are going to Texas to see them hopefully at the first of the year.
Why is this picture so little?

Salt & Pepper

Meet Salt & Pepper .......
These are the show pigs that the boys have. I asked Michele if she staged this and placed the yellow's flowers in the picture and she said no.
More fish~
Lake Eufaula~

Lake Eufaula, trying to catch a, according to little bit!

More pictures coming soon the boys spent the night in a tent in the yard, they made smores, hooked up the portable dvd player, AND Michele caught them swimming yes swimming in the fountain in her front yard. They dried by the fire they built.
Good times Good memories, these boys will never forget these times they are sharing!
p.s. We ordered Jacob a new set of glasses and they sent these round ones, he does not like them at all, and the others I will need to pick up today. I tried to tell him they are Harry Potter glasses but that did not work.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

It is Wednesday and I am in a wonderful mood, and MOST ppl I have come in contact with are too (with the exception of your fruit! I was day dreaming about our trip to the beach and came across this picture. I wish I was leaving today! HAPPY WEDNESDAY TO EACH OF YOU!!
I found this picture as well....he is growing up so much!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I could not refrain from posting this! These are the shoes that Jacob bought with some of his birthday money. YUK!! They are skateboarding shoes that he paid $75.00 for, it was against my better judgement~but hey he is a good kid and it was his money ;)
Thanks to each of you for his birthday money.

A visit with Dr. Looooooove (said just like
This morning I went for my check up with my surgeon Dr. Love, Ed Love that is, and he said everything looks great!! I highly reccomend him.

I talked to Michele this morning and Jacob may now stay until Sunday~I miss him but more so I love the fact that he is having a blast! Fishing, feeding show pigs, eating at the Casino, and hanging out at the Rodeo.
Right up his alley, Locust Grove, OK will never be the same!
Today he is going to Eufaula, OK to visit Michele's brother.

Last night I enjoyed a Rita with Denise and was off to bed early.

Happy Tuesday to each of you~

Monday, July 23, 2007


This picture cracks me up....

I was really missing him and these pictures on my computer this ,morning just made my day!
Jacob is enjoyin' the life of a country boy, he would move to the country so fast~maybe someday!


Brookhill Farms at the creek! Andrew & Bobby
Prepping the pole

I caught some fish =)

All I can see in this picture is the gravel on the bottom~scarey!

Jacob decided to stay a little longer in Oklahoma. And boy is he busy....

Let's see Friday night he was at the Casino eating the seafood buffet and has informed me that he is addicted to crab legs. He would not eat them before and obviously likes them. Then he was off to the rodeo. Saturday morning came the call from Michele asking if she can sign a waiver for him to ride a bronc bare back, I agreed and luckily he chickened out. Another time I talked with him they were filling the feeders for the show pigs and another time he was in the pool with the high school cheerleading squad as Michele is the coach.