Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008
As always it was great to see Jay~ The boys played ladder ball, this game is fun!

yummy smores.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jacob received his admission ticket for the ACT in the mail yesterday. It made me really stop and think how proud I was. He and I discussed what an honor this was in 7th grade and he asked a few questions. I think he may be getting a little nervous. I explained that he will do great and it is not until February and he can get nervous later, for now let's just think about Santa Claus. Yes I believe :)

We are going to HS for Thanksgiving and Juli will be cooking a very non-traditional dinner. A few menu items I am aware of are quiche, caviar (southern style), and if I know Juli I am sure salmon is on there somewhere...hmmmm interesting but I know it will be great!

I do plan to cook a traditional meal on Saturday~ come join us, seriously! See you Saturday!

Birthday Post

Happy Birthday Ashley~ my sister is catching up ha!
Happy Birthday Susan~
Happy Birthday Colby~
Happy Birthday Della~
Random Weekend Pics~

Monday, November 24, 2008

I love you Kodak! My camera arrived today. I never thought I would have it by Thanksgiving, oh so grateful for the timing and the warranty :)
Weekend was very busy~CV joints on car fixed, oil changed, Della's birthday dinner @ Shogun's accompanied by Jamie & Carrie.
Christmas tree up, lights 1/2 way up. I am getting so excited.
Blogger will not let me post any photos, maybe tomorrow...

Thanks to everyone who hauled me around or loaned me a vehicle while my car was being repaired.

Jacob received a letter Friday that he has been chosen to be a lifetime member of the University of Arkansas' lifetime Gifted & Talented Program. You are chosen for several reasons~ being in a Gifted & Talented Program, high test scores, honor roll or being chosen for the Duke University Talent Search. Jacob was selected for more than one of these reasons. Makes a mother so proud!