Monday, November 16, 2009

still a rock n roll chic~

Jacob was able to go hunting twice on Saturday, no luck this time but maybe the next ;)
He did get to do some target practice and from what I hear he is a good shot! He doesn't get to go as much as he would like. I wish there was a service where I could pay someone to take him, I would do it for sure, hunting and fishing are his passion! I googled some guided hunts last week and um whoa at those prices.
He finished up his online hunter's ed course last night and will test tomorrow evening. He will be mad about this pic but it is all I could get..... I stepped out for a bit to hear FOTF Saturday night and ran into to this fella who was picking up dinner next door.

Sunday Carrie and I had lunch and spent the afternoon was such a beautiful day out.
Special prayers for our little buddy Aidan today during his surgery.


Jax said...

Cute pics, girly! Sending prayers to Aidan.. that's my cousin's little boy's name...

joyfully gray said...

Poor little Aidan. I hope he is doing well.

Cute pics! You seem to have some fun friends.