Wednesday, November 11, 2009

WBW~Way Back Wednesday

Jacob received this horse pillow thingie for Christmas one year, we named him Yankee. Jacob did not have much interest and I would try to get him to use it as a pillow. Wellll somehow I started using it as a pillow and it got to where I could not sleep at night without
I slept with this thing until the tail fell off and it had holes in it, I even went as far as to have someone sew it up and make repairs. Finally I was forced by someone else to toss it! We still laugh about this and Jacob brought it up the other night and was poking fun about it....good memories I guess you would say :)
Now off to enjoy my day off! Happy Veteran's Day!


Jax said...

HAHAHAH! Now that's a story for his someday-wife or girlfriends.. haha! Love it. I am so crazy, I dont know if I'll get to do WBW today. :( This week is just seriously taking over my life....

katandkarl said...

haha. that's a real cute confession. :)