Tuesday, November 17, 2009

bullets for today....

  • last night we had dinner with the P crew and baked some cookies, kind of a kick off to bake and do something Holiday related from here on out.
  • This evening Jacob will take the final hunter's ed test, I hope he aces that thing! He was a bit fussy this morning so I didn't say much.
  • Aidan's surgery went well and he is home recovering.
  • Office potluck on Friday and what am I making???? think back to the past 3 years of photos, yep sweet potatoe casserole. And yes you will get pics again..lol
  • Saturday is Razorback tailgating woo hoo, Jacob is ready! What to cook for that?

I feel like I am on a dead run this week, but I think I like to be busy :)

Don't for get your WBW tomorrow, and have a great day!

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