Tuesday, October 20, 2009

UPDATE: so I gave his mother the detailed list last night...he still claims he did not take the Xbox whatev! But he is still being charged with it and agreed to replace it. Oh and he claims that he had left all the other stuff in a blag bag on my back patio last week, yea right!!
Annnnd he sent his apologies & she wanted to let me know he had been going to church in jail.

So the burglar boy had court this morning. After much back & forth the Judge issued a no contact order on Jacob & I and told him "if you so much look at them, I will have you back in jail so fast your head will spin."
He has until 12/2 to produce or replace my stuff (restitution) at which times he goes before the Judge and likely if he has made restitution to me (via his mother) the Judge will reduce him from a felony to a misdemeanor...we shall see.
But I dare him to step in my yard, dare him!
When they brought him in he was trying to look at me and mouth out I am sorry....yes dude you are, yes indeed!!!


emotional diva said...

yes!!!!!!! let's see exactly what happens! i am so glad that you caught this fucker! what an ass!

let me know if you need anything. thanks for being there for me when i needed it. =)

Jax said...

I just said HELL YES out loud. For reals.