Thursday, October 22, 2009


  • Looks like I will be sitting through a football game in Cabot at 5:30 today no matter how much rain, the email said the game is on unless we have lightning and we do not.
  • I am exhausted. I have taken on a 2nd job of waiting tables at my favorite little local place. I will not be on the schedule but will pick up shifts as needed. I have trained twice this week and boy am I tired!
  • Jacob is going to take his hunter's ed test so he can go hunting in the next few weeks.
  • I am so ready to carve a pumpkin and hope that we can fit that in this weekend.
  • Jacob has a fall church camp the weekend of Halloween, he is undecided if he is going but I sure hope he does.

Be sure to check out Jackie's "Show Us Where You Live" so so cool! I am much too tired to focus to do that this week...maybe next week, although the City where I live is not the City I work for and I would have to feature my employer :)

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Jax said...

Aw! Thanks for the shout out!! And I'm high fiving you and hugging you for the second job, girly. That can't be easy. There are so many things (as I ranted about in an email) that my mom did for us when I was little and I didnt even realize it.. but just saying.. you're a great person and a great mom. you rock. :)