Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eve & Morning~

I was not a great photographer being under the weather a bit. Christmas Eve was nice, my sister and I cooked and baked cookies then we all watched movies and waited for Santa :)
Jacob normally wears contacts and had gotten these new glasses so he was sporting them for a day and letting his eyes rest~

and Santa comes~

this child woke me at 6 a.m. which is much better than last years 4 a.m.
he opened all his gifts from Santa then we cooked breakfast and moved on to gifts for each other~ and those boots well they are as big as my car!!!
did Santa leave you one of these? he did Jacob :)

Jacob got me some BKE jeans, some shirts & new ear buds for my ipod :)
and by looking at this pic, he is spoiled! (and that's not half of it, but really he doesnt ask for much during the year)

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anna said...

Ciao sono Anna, da noi ( a Verona ) i doni ai bambini li porta Santa Lucia...รจ bellissimo, ed ogni anno aspettiamo sempre l'evento con fervore !!!