Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I want a blog make-over!!

I sent an email to a girl for a make-over and got a response and then I was ready to pay her and never got anything back...I do not want black & red and I do not want these old pictures as my header. Unfortunately I don't know how ... If you know someone good send them my way!

Check out this cutie pie!

I ventured out to a redneck party (at a cabin on a river)....and was I going to go night fishing? NO!!! Me in a fishing boat at night, I am thinking not!

I am off next week to spend the week with Jacob. We have a few things planned, I am excited to just spend some time together! Jacob went on a weekend retreat this past weekend with the church and he had an awesome time! And this weather we love it :)

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Garnetrose said...

If I knew someone good at that, I would use them. LOL