Thursday, March 4, 2010

bullets again...

Gosh my blogging has been sparatic!

  • New job is keeping me busy
  • Jacob is keeping me busy~he started a new youth group last night and liked it a lot. He was not comfortable in a huge youth group. He has a retreat coming up and is looking forward to it
  • I am so ready for Spring! This chilly weather I have had enough of
  • I want a new purse!
  • My house shows how busy I am, messy messy messy...I hope the weekend allows me some time to get it in order!
  • The Bachelor kept me busy on Monday nights, not sure on the that it's over my Monday nights are open.
  • It is Friday for me...the burglar has court in the morning. Yet another plea & arraignment but this time in civil court. I plan to spend the rest of the day being productive & visiting with a friend :)

Have a great weekend!!!

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