Monday, October 12, 2009


This morning I got up to shower and was running early with my time..I then went to computer to update my fb and WHAT? My laptop was not there, I wake up Jacob and he discovers his Xbox is gone. Then we discover my camera is gone from my kitchen table, my camera that was sitting on top of my car keys. Then we discover the leaf blower is gone. Yes someone came in while we were sleeping and took these items, disconnected the Xbox from the 42" flat screen I won but did not take it and I am scared they will come back.
There are several reasons to think it is the 20 year old boy next door that just moved in with his mother.
And no I have no renter's insurance....
Roomie moves, furloughs at work and now this!! Jacob is DEVASTATED!!! He cried all the way to school!
I am looking for used computer, Xbox and camera I guess, so if you know of any for sale let me know.
I already miss my cheapo camera sooooo bad!


Amber said...

I would check CraigsList for all of the items. Also, for the xbox look at places like Game Stop or other "secondhand" gaming stores. Garage sales too.

katandkarl said...

no way! i am so sorry to hear this and will keep my eyes peeled for items. OMIGOD. just awful!

Jax said...

I seriously can't get over this. I went to lunch with Eric and told him all about it. :( I am so sorry this happened to you guys-what a violation. I'm just so glad you're okay and neither one of you guys woke up. I mean.. you just never know-I doubt people rob places without some form of a weapon, ya know.. Do you know anyone who can stay with ya'll tonight or for the week? And I bit the bullet and got renters insurance this year.. it's like 20 bucks a month for me... Also, if you get renters, half the time, it will take your car payment DOWN b/c you'll have a "multiline" discount.. (from the insurance employee over here.. haha). :)So, it all can even out. But, that doesnt help you NOW, so guess I'm just saying I'm sending love. I'm so glad they didn't take your tv. I bet they were going to...and one of you guys may have made a noise or something..

Even if you have a friend's dog you can borrow for the week, it might be worth it. Gracie's no beast, but she definitely alerts me if something is amiss.

Will keep my eyes peeled for stuff, chica. Eric has an older laptop he was wiping clean and thinking about selling. I'll ask him about it. Sending hugs.

sarah said...

Excuse my language, but SHIT. I want to actually type something far worse. This kind of thing totally freaks me out. WHAT THE HELL? Coming from someone that is a scardy cat at night and sleeps like crap because I constantly think someone is going to break in to my house ... yes, this totally scares the crap out of me. Second, I hate hate hate that people take crap that does not belong to them. RIP OFF, unfair, not just, just wrong wrong wrong.

Matt and I work really hard for a living. Last year around this time our cars were both broken into and some of our more expensive possessions stolen. Yes, our fault for leaving them in the car, but who really thinks someone is going to break into their cars, in the middle of the night, while parked in their driveway? Well, we did not. NOW WE DON'T TRUST A SOUL.

Now, someone coming into your house is a completely different story. RIDICULOUS. FAR WORSE.

Can you get an alarm? Our alarm is $30 a month and worth it. They installed it for free because I signed a three year contract. It really helps me sleep at night and if someone were to break in again it will sound and scare the crap out of them. It will also get the cops to your house FAST. Also, leave lots of lights on outside - lights scare people. I know you have probably thought of these things.

I am so sorry this happened. And pissed for you.

emotional diva said...

omg! stacia are you freaking kidding me! i would totally cry! i have been robbed before and it does not feel good. at all. =(

you think it was your roommate? gee whiz! what did the police say? check CL and game shops and pawn shops. that's how i found some of my things.

i am so upset that you had to endure something like this. i'm keeping you in my thoughts girlie! keep me updated!