Thursday, October 15, 2009

I have had a few emails of people asking me how in the world???

See these windows.....they are in my front room (red room)
back behind Jacob and my car on the left is a carport door Those wondows are in the room behind Jacob where the front door is..
I would often tie back same said windows like such and leave them like such for days (before the room was painted red)

by looking in those windows you could see the xbox, this is where Jacob sat to play..

the laptop sat over here and you can see in this room as well by looking in those windows...

you can see here how you can see the red room on the left and the laptop would be over behind Jeremy (in white)

I know I just drew it out how to get in or what have you, but hey if someone dare they should come on in....I am ready!
Will got to pawn shop today

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Susan said...

Man, that sucks. Sorry, Stacia. You shouldn't feel violated in your own home. I would think he'd have to reimburse you the value of the things he stole that haven't been recovered. That might involve a lawyer though which could be even more expensive. You said "boy", have you talked to his parents? They are responsible for his actions if under 18...especially if they want to keep out of court. OR, I could come over and beat them all up! Just whichever...