Thursday, July 9, 2009


Warning:I am rambling and this may bore you to death!

I have gone through many photos looking for the 3rd birthday, nothing!! This will drive me bonkers!! But while going through these photos, obviously some that I should not be looking at I got this lump in my throat and my stomach was in knots. Makes me realize I am just not where I want to be at this ripe ole' age. Ya' see I have settled and this time by golly I am not settlin'. You know I have said wedding vows numerous times, (another part of my book you must read, too bad I can't maybe I will make a Lifetime movie..ha). Is it really asking too much for a "normal" relationship? I don't ask for something over the top just normal. Although I do love trucks so that would be a plus :) and a boat yes I want a boat and heck I will even pay for it. I grew up on the lake, I learned to ski at 7 and I want Jacob to grow up on the lake. I have about decided that in a couple of years Jacob can manage the boat and I will just buy a truck for myself. But no that is truely not the package I chose when I filled out this People say in time, in time....Maybe I should not be going through photos ha!

I get my hair did tonight YAY!! My hairdresser went to Florida, I have had an appointment scheduled for this Saturday for 3 weeks. She text to say she would not be back and for me to reschedule. Helloooo, can you say roots? So with that I am trying someone new this evening. Fingers crossed people, I have to say the least bad hair, very thin and does not color well. (I sure use a lot of comma' and incorrectly at that!)

Tonight completes the 1st week of football camp and things have gone well. Jacob may have moved out on me, but hey I get a phone call once in a while. He has been hanging out with Carrie's boys for the past few days after camp. Thanks guys!

It seems wierd to not be planning a party for Jacob with party favors and all. I always loved to get pinata's. The boy wants to fish and so it will be!!

Girl's float trip on the 18th and I CAN'T WAIT!!!

Happy Thursday!


joyfully gray said...

You do deserve a good relationship, but geez, they are difficult to come by :)

I like it when people I follow post a ramble session! It makes me feel normal.

PS I think I have my comments working again.

Let me know if you like the pink and brwon header or the yellow and gray.

Jax said...

You definitely deserve a good relationship, lady! I agree about the pics.. Old pics certainly have a way of draggin up old memories, dont they? *sigh*

And I think you should get yourself a boat! Granted, it's not that easy to go out and buy one, but hey.. it's a goal to work toward. :)

And I'm jealous of your girlie float trip! I wish my friend did more "girl trips" :)