Wednesday, July 8, 2009

WBW~ Way Back Wednesday

I laugh but yet I cry.....where have the years gone???
I love you sweet boy!! A birthday party post for ya'. I gathered all of this together on my lunch hour, pretty good for an hour eh?

#1 party @ home. Mom made the Sticking with the 4th of July theme.

#2 party @ home. Only picture I could find. That is Justin helping him unwrap his gifts. Gosh they are so grown up.

#3 I can't find and can't remember where it was, pitiful I know.

#4 party @ home. Basketball theme and his gift that year was a swingset.

#5 party @ Pizza Hut Play Hut. And what else but Power Rangers that year...oh I bought a many a Power Ranger!

#6 party @ Pam's house. Spiderman theme, mostly what I remember about this day is that it was hot hot hot. That is Jacob's "what you talkin bout Willis" face. This was the year of spiked hair, even the colored gel. Oh what a mess!
#7 was in 2003 the year I was sick, by his birthday I was on my 6th surgery. We had just a small gathering at home, he got a green machine and it was a hit. I am sad that I don't have any pics....but I do have one on the green machine so that may have to do!
#8 party @ hotel, and overnighter with little boys OH MY!! We went by limo. And the cake was Spongebob (not my favorite)

#9 party @ home, football themed and 2 cakes at that!!

#10 party@home, swimming in the backyard as most of his parties have involved swimming with his birthday being in the summer months. The cake theme was Pirates of the Caribbean and maybe because we had just returned from the beach. Jacob also got his first cell phone this year.

#11 party @ home then bowling, this cake was de-lish!

#12 party @ home and swimming in the back yard. One of his cakes had a 4 wheeler on it, one was italian cream and one was chocolate. This was the year of the ipod and he was rather happy. he racked up on $$$ also.

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Great pics! I love them.