Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Athletic Banquet~

Last night was Jacob's end of the year athletic banquet, it was nice. They had a catered bbq dinner and then gave out certificates. Jacob was ready to bounce after 7th grade football so this we did...why because he had some plumbing to do obviously....
Jacob calls me yesterday afternoon to tell me about this eco friendly kit thingie he got from his science teacher, Mom it has a new shower head, a new faucet head for the kitchen sink, and doo hickey to tell you when to change your air filter, eco light bulb, etc. Well he went to work and by 9:00 I had water everywhere and a mess, was the homework done, no?!?! Thanks teach!
Oh and the new shower head made me feel like I was drowning this morning.
Happy Cinco de Mayo!! Let's have a margarita!!

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Jax said...

Well, crap! Your friend did such a good job blocking you, I cant find you! HAHAHA! :) And uh, I TOTALLY feel ya on the mean girl crap. It's like..uh..honey...why don't you look at your man instead of a woman he went after while dating you. Jerks. Blah. Sorry she was rude. Obviously a testament to her maturity. *shaking head and sighing*