Friday, April 24, 2009

it is his passion...

You see that bent pole? You see that face? Makes him happy!

~I think I have hit a record, one whole work week and I have not taken one single photo. I told you I would be boring this week, and yep plan to be this weekend too! I do see some patio time in the evenings.

~House = a wreck, so I spent last night cleaning my room, took everything out of the closet and wiped the baseboards and such. I now have a pile and I mean a PILE in my living room to take the Salvation Army. One room at a time, Jacob's is next =)

~I missed Grey's because I was tanning, actually I just forgot until 9:05, just the luck.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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Jax said...

Grey's was good... not GREAT, but good. It MIGHT re-air tonight (sometimes they do that), but really.. Izzy is fine (so far) but obviously really sick...Karev admits to not dealing with stress well.. Sloane and Derek make up..Meredith asks her sister to be in her wedding. All in all, a good ep, but nothing earth shattering happened. :)

Cute pic! I've never been fishing-crazy, right?!