Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Say a prayer for Stellan today while he goes through surgery. If you do not read MckMama's blog, you should! Kaden is my model today wearing orange for Stellan.

Top Chef is in town. The truck was kind of cool.

Ouch! My arm is so sore, yesterday while one nurse was drawing blood another was giving me a shot with a BIG needle, and really do we have to be doing these things at the same time??? seperate arms?? geez!

Jacob's ACT score came in, he did pretty good for a 7th grader and will be much more prepared his senior year by knowing what to expect.

This week and next are pretty laid back for us and I guess that is to get us ready for a busy May.

I want flowers to plant, lots of them!!

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Anonymous said...

LMAO at the picture of the mannequin on the bench. Loved when the City worker picked him up and while carrying to his truck, his wig fell off (mannequin - not the City worker - lol).

Never a dull moment in City Govt. You never know who or what awaits you each day.

- Laurie