Monday, September 28, 2009

Watch party!

Fridat evening Jacob and I rented movies after having dinner with Heather, we are both still trying to shake this cough and it is not easy!!!
Saturday we watched the game at Leah's and had a nice cookout. Still feeling under the weather I was just blah....but a great time was had by all!

We sang happy 81st birthday to Leah's neighbor, she teared up and I may have too...

And of course we had a game of football in the front yard!

I did put out a few Halloween items yesterday. Today's weather is so fallish!
My Razorback's and my Raider's both lost this past weekend but hey better luck next time!

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Jax said...

If that's what you do when you're blah, you get major kudos, lady!! Glad you're feeling a bit better but be sure you're getting some rest!! Looks like a fun weekend!