Wednesday, July 15, 2009

WBW~ Way Back Wednesday

Water play at the Baptist Health Preschool (1999). Jacob almost looks bow legged and look at all that blonde hair, that is probably the longest his hair has ever been. Razorbacks at Baptist Health 1999. The team would come to see patients on Thanksgiving and I was able to assist them to the critical care units since this is where I worked. The only one I can point out by name is Anthony Lucas. I could not find the pic of me & Clint Stoerner but I had a blast on this day. I have many many good memories during my days at Baptist!!

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Jax said...

Jacob looks adorable! LOL! Love it! I cannot believe that was 1999! I started college that year! Nuts! And the smile on your face in the other pic is adorable! You look so cute! :)