Thursday, April 30, 2009

Jacob and I had dinner at Gadwall's last night, a favorite of ours, then it was the dreaded shoe hunt!!
We have often fought over shoe choices, Jacob always wants a skater shoe and of course those things are left unlaced and just look unkept to me. And I keep telling him you are not even a skater....
Yes I have given in on numerous occassions and the last pair were 90 bucks. Guess what, this time Momma was NOT budging.....pick an athletic shoe or wear the old ones. It was simple this time and I was pleased, this was the 2nd pair he tried on and he liked. Of course I had to have a pair as well because they were buy one get one 1/2 off =)
Marsha and I walked later....and today is Friday for me woo hooo!


Jax said...

Good song. Good song. :) And you just reminded me I need new workout shoes...haha. And I can SO hear you saying "You're not even a skater!" lol! Cute. :) I'm so not ready for kids...haha

Stacia said...

and can you hear the tone in my voice? or the sarcasm? I am known for