Thursday, April 30, 2009

busy times ahead

goodbye April, Hello May!
May is going to be busy....just to list a few things

~ photo shoot w/ Shannon Treadway, if the rain will hold up
~ football banquet
~ City Employee picnic, I am on the committee for this one
~ office outing
~ Bunco
~ Riverfest
~ Memorial Day

It is still a while before the trip but we are planning the Girl's Spring River float trip, guess what? I am already packed and ready to

on a seperate note...
Sometimes there are just too many chiefs and not enough indians...just sayin'

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Susan said...

Girl, my May is Craaa-aaa-zeeee! We have something every weekend and all in between. 5Ks, golf tournaments, Setler's b-day party, float trip (when is your's? we may see you there?), Memorial Weekend at the lake, and a wedding! But, I love it!