Monday, June 30, 2008

Toxic People You Say?

As it was put to me by Carrie P. during our workout Saturday morning, "some people are just toxic"

You ever had one of these in your life? We all have! Carrie also informed me that my big heart and my giving personality tends to make these types of people draw to me.

You know the people that ooze negativity, that lie constantly, that manipulate any situation to be a "self" situation, you know? I know you know. And then they play the pitiful me crap~ gag me!!

You do for them and they still hurt you, or better yet they hurt your child!!! Yes I said CHILD, sicko right? Explain's why they treat their own children so poorly and don't even raise their own children. Oh but they can try to play super Mom to some man's children....LMAO that is a joke!

These types of people are very very dangerous not only to themselves but to anyone they come in contact with!!!!

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BrockintonFamily said...

WOW that is pretty deep!