Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Camper

Jacob and one of his buddies from Camp. That is their cabin in the background.
This is from where I sat during the closing. Absolutely beautiful!

Singing... This just melts my heart. They built such a community.

And yes they wear anything at camp, check out Jacob's shoes. I thought maybe he had an injury, but no just in a

Cabin B-1 and the last year for it. They will be building a new one before the next Camp.

A big thanks to Jamie & Kaden for riding with me. We stopped at Ruby Tuesday's in Conway on our way back, one of Jacob's favorites!


The Brockintons said...

Looks like Jacob had a great time! I know you are glad he is back.


Susan said...

The 2 different shoes cracks me up. Sorry, I'm no help with the books. Not only do I not have any, I've never even heard of those. I thought it'd be some old classics. Oh well.