Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Day 2~ we picked up Jeremy on our way. They look ready to learn don't they? After day 1 I was able to grab a shot of Jacob and the other Jacob. Funny how they all have the initials J.B.
These boys are Jacob's favorite people!
Jacob's schedule is as follows
1~Atletics (1st period of sweating, not crazy about this)
2~Visual Arts
6~Social Studies
He was happy with things and says it will be a good year!
Me Denise and Jacob did some supply shopping yesterday. On our way we drove up on a school girl that had just been hit by a car. Keep this girl in your prayers!


The Brockintons said...

I had fun last night and thank you for taking Jeremy to school. The pics are great.


Megan said...

I can't believe Jacob and Jeremy posed for all those pictures. My brothers never did that, well I take that back. I had one brother who would pose and one who refused to pose.

Susan said...

Is that Lakewood Middle? That's my alma matter for jr. high. They have to wear uniforms now?