Thursday, August 11, 2011

random as can be~

Our weather has a looked a bit like this and oh how we needed it! The weekend is going to be a lot less humid and I may not know how to act. I do know I plan to clean my vehicle very good if the rain stops!
 I am on the hunt for these orange shoes for Jacob. He found them at the Polo outlet when we were in Florida and did not get them, now he wants them. Yep they are orange!
 And it's almost time for this :)
 and this :)
I am so ready for some football!!!
Jacob has worked with Matt some last week & this week so he can buy himself a notebook computer thingie. I guess he will be needing that for his computer app's class ;) That brings me to the subject of our laptop that was stolen almost 2 years ago by the neighbor...that guy has yet to pay me off & remains 3 months behind on restitution, our system stinks, just plain stinks!!
School starts Monday & I think we are ready, Jacob hasn't really said much and I am not believing that he is going in 10th grade.
On the exercise front I am back to every day & I am sore! But  it's a must!!
Wishing you all a fab weekend!!

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