Thursday, July 14, 2011

chit chat

I don't ever have a whole lot of time to talk and wanted to do just that for a change...
Things are great around our place. Matt has become a part of us and we sure do love him.
Jacob is still practicing football each morning at 6 a.m. and it is wearing him out!
He has a week long break next week because he will be gone for the week fishing a National tournament on Lake Dardanelle, he is really looking forward to it. I hope these boys bring in some big fish! And oh how I wish I could spend the week with them taking pics :)
I plan to get him packed this weekend and spend lots of time at Nano's pool!!
We hope to plan a couples trip to float the Spring River in August and then it will be back to school time and we hope to make a trip to Branson to the outlet mall for school clothes shopping.
Summer has been fab so far however it has been hot hot hot!
Looking forward to the weekend and I hope yours is awesome!!

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Jax said...

Love this whole post! Lots of smiles headed your way, lady! :) And ps.. I'm headed to float next weekend AND have a trip to Branson planned for later this month. Outlets here I come! :)