Thursday, August 5, 2010

when life gives you lemons....

make lemonade, and add vodka!!! It has been a hectic 3 weeks I must say, if it has not been one thing it has been another!!!
I did manage to get in some swim time with some girls that I have been friends with for about 20 years, we always have some good laughter!
Jacob is in Mississippi with the cousins & their Dad working...he is really about making money these days. This is a picture he text me on Tuesday....yes I am worried about the temps but he insisted on going! I am ready for him to come home so we can get in the shool routine, I am picking up his schedule today. In 2 weeks he will start boxing lessons with Jermaine Taylor's 1st coach and he will be in ROTC. Such a change from football but I have to let him be himself. Speaking of football I am READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!!!

Carrie moved last weekend and it was sad to watch that uhaul pull away. She is about and hour from us now so we will be making some weekend trips :)

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