Tuesday, August 17, 2010

tough workout!!!

Jacob had his 1st boxing lesson last night. They worked those boys and he is sore today!! This will take up a lot of his time and that concerns me with school and he was a little iffy last night afterwards so he plans to finish the week and make a decision. He will have ROTC through the school and we need that schedule to see if there are any conflicts. With all that said we have some decisions to make.
I hope that he and I can start jogging in the mornings as soon as it cools off a little, if it ever does ha!!!

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Jax said...

I've always wanted to be a boxer.. like really. It's a great workout!!! I'm one of those "I want to sweat and hurt when I work out" people. My ex (ugh) used to box sometimes. Seemed cool. *shrugs* Way to go, Jacob!