Thursday, April 1, 2010

hmmm odd!

Hello,Your blog has been recommended to us as a interviewee's favorite blog!We would like to do an interview with you about your blog for BlogInterviewer. We'd like to give you the opportunity to give us some insight on the "person behind the blog."It would just take a few minutes of your time. The interview form can be submitted online here Submit your interview.Best regards,Mike Thomas

This above was left as a comment on my blog yesterday....seems really odd and it says "can be submitted here" where is here? Insight on the person behind the really? And followers, I have a few that are from other countries, can they really read what I type? I had a comment yesterday written in another language much like chinese.
Anyone have any insight on this?


Smerica Anderjones said...

Heya! Nice blog! :D

Have nice day
Erica in Singapore! :) <3

EW said...

Was the "here" a clickable link?

And, I believe that most blogs now come equipped with the auto function of translating.

Or maybe, it's just a bogus spam thingy.