Monday, February 22, 2010

Mayberry, OK

Not really Mayberry but much like it. Jacob and I took off for a little unplanned visit to see Michele in Oklahoma. My week last week was SO stressful and this is just what we needed!
We spent time at a bonfire~

and we spent time at the Ag barn at a livestock show. I sure wish Jacob's school had this program.

we sang Happy Birthday to Justin & Virginia~
and we shopped at Ross, a store we don't have in AR but I did find out we will be getting 3 of them. I loved this place and this is one of my finds :)


Jax said...

Awww! Fun!! Any weekend away is something I'd happily welcome right now... :) said...

HI there. I was just browsing random blogs and got to yours. Looks like you and Jacob had a great trip. He seems like a nice young man. :) I hope he knows how much you love him if you're making a blog filled with stuff the two of you share! It's pretty great. I guess I noticed because my Mom really isn;t part of my life, so I kind of envy him for that. But, I'm also happy someone gets to enjoy having a Mom around!

Take care!

Los Angeles