Thursday, January 14, 2010

very random

  • 2010 has seemed rush rush to me, nothing in particular but boy have I felt rushed.
  • I have cooked deer chili, deer stroganoff, deer tenderloin and Jacob has seemed pleased with each.
  • Jacob is back to school after the holiday and is rather slugish but he should get back on track by next week
  • I am dieting and ready to hit he gym hard, I had another round with strep and ear infections last week so I am trying to get over that before I start with the sweating, my ears still hurt a little
  • I have a new job as of this past Monday, I am now the assistant to the Assistant City Manager, same department with the same peeps but a new desk and some new duties...
  • I have not been in a blogging mood much and I often wonder if anyone even reads it, I guess you would call it a blog rut...for example it has taken me all day to get this post done.
  • I am however looking forward to a fabulous 2010, I have some goals and I do plan to stick with them!

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katandkarl said...

nothing wrong with a little bloggy break!