Friday, August 28, 2009

A while back I mentioned that I finally purchased the new Rob Thomas cd and how awesome it is, well it is beyond awesome! I have his other cd's and have always loved his music but his song Her Diamonds speaks to me. So yes call me crazy but it does. He wrote this song for his wife that has an auto immune disease. I have a suppressed immune system and 2003 was a horrible year for us. This song makes me think of how Jacob felt during that year and of course how I felt, again it was a very very tough year.
We both just sing this song as we drive along and I have never felt more blessed to be where we are today !
And geez how hot is he?? It is the end of the first full week of school and football practice and Jacob is smooth wore out! He said he already plans to get lots of sleep this weekend.
First football game is next Thursday....

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