Tuesday, May 19, 2009

~NLR kiddos graduate tonight, party for Stephanie at 5:00
~Bachelorette, so I said I would not watch because I was not crazy about Jillian, well I did watch some, some of those guys are a trip!! And the foot fetish guy, well I liked him until all his "foot talk" lol
~Bunco on Thursday
~Some yard work this week
~I am so very grateful for my wonderful friends, they always pick up the pieces and counteract the negative folks! Love you guys!

boring aren't I??


joker said...

I watched The Bachelorette too. I liked the foot fetish guy (Tanner P.). I also have a female foot fetish, so I thought it was cool to see someone on there who also has that fetish.

Jax said...

Dude. I agree about Jillian. I wasnt going to watch it..but I caught some of it and didnt exactly stop my DVR from recording it automatically... *sigh* But, I just dont know if I'll get into it or not.. Something about her bugs.