Thursday, December 3, 2009

We had a very productive weekend. The tree is up, the lights are up so I guess we are ready :)
Bethany spent the night with me and was a great help, we had a great time!
hanging lights sock footed, oh my!
dancing to some Miley Cyrus in the car, that cd sure came in handy! She was amazed that I even had it....
Now for a few bullets...
  • I have a funeral today for a guy that I grew up in church with. His sister and I are still real close so it is tough to see her in this shape.
  • Jacob will be deer hunting this Sunday and I plan to get some shopping done.
  • It just puzzles me how so many people want to be "in charge" last I checked I thought I had one boss...with that being said I am ready for Friday and staying as quite as I can. Not going to break my Christmas spirit!!

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Jax said...

I'm sorry about the funeral..the loss that is. :( I love that pic of Jacob hanging the lights! Such a great helper! :) And boys are tougher when it comes to ladders, etc.. Jsut sayin. (I fell off one once.. haha). I'm diggin the Santa tree topper!! So cute!