Tuesday, November 3, 2009

So much I could say...I am up against some major decisions right now that have my emotions upside down!

Halloween I left Jacob (for the 1st time) with friends to have fun so I have no pictures. I went to work the p/t job....all I can tell you is waiting tables is NOT for me!
On Friday night we were hanging out at Leah's and we got ghosted...the kids thought it was really fun. The pic is goofy but I made them do this...haha

Have a great week!

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Jax said...

I'm sorry things are weighing on you right now, girly.. I couldnt have waited tables either. I'm too sensitive. And it's too hard on your body.. late nights, etc.. Do you have a big concert center? I have a friend who is an usher part time and works when there are shows. She gets to see some cool stuff AND make some extra cash. Just a thought. :)

Sending blog hugs.