Thursday, July 23, 2009

  • I am off next week, yay! Jacob and I both have dr's appt's and he has and orthodontist appt. and yes I have paid for one set of braces (top) in 2006 and the teeth have turned again...ugh! I asked that ortho doc if he needed a retainer when they came off, oh no he said, yeah right!! We are going to stay in town and do some things together ~movie, trolley to the RiverMarket for lunch, WRC, book store (summer reads and some informational stuff for teen boys as I don't know how to have the "talks"). We are just going to spend lots of time together.
  • I have been working out again and this time I am NOT quiting! NO NO NO!!
  • I get to sub in a Bunco group next week with the Gadwall's group, they must have enjoyed my company last
  • Teenage boys sleep A LOT, I have really found that out this week.
  • Today is t he last day of the 3 week football clinic/camp. It should be a fun day, they have a slip n slide set up on the football field. When they handed out camp t-shirts Jacob did not get one because they had ran out. I asked about it to the coach in an email and he said Jacob would get a special shirt and that he did. He got a blue sleeveless under armour type shirt that says NLR Football on the front and Be The Best on the back. He loves it and I had just told him that we needed to stock up on some NLR apparel. What a good start!

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Jax said...

I just love your rivermarket area there!! You guys will have a great week together. :)

And go you for sticking with the workout stuff! that's half the dang battle. I always feel so much better and less stressed about the little things when I'm working out regularly. Yet I cant seem to keep it up. It's frustrating! LOL!