Wednesday, May 13, 2009

WBW~Way Back Wednesday

sponge rollers & haircuts~
Jacob's 1st haircut 1997. I was worried about the "1st time hair cut horror" so a friend cut his hair for me at her house and he wanted nothing to do with the cape. He sat very still and has continued to do so since. He actually tells me he is ready for a haircut. This pic is prior to the haircut, these overalls were one of my favs. I loved them, and the little navy shoes.
I was reading a conversation on another blog about sponge rollers last week and I think I lived in's proof!
Actually I try to do a WBW for Jacob and one of my myself each Wednesday but I was not prepared and brought no pictures of myself. I had these already scanned.

Do you think Jacob and I look alike at all??


m-m-m-melissa said...

sponge rollerrrrrrs! i have mostly straight hair, but i spent many MANY nights in junior high sleeping in sponge rollers, trying to convince my hair that it was really, in fact, curly and just in hiding. good post!

Jax said...

OMG! YOU ARE SO ADORABLE IN THOSE LITTLE PICS WITH YOUR CURLERS!! I too used to sleep in rollers!! And yes, you and Jacob look alike-both adorable!! LOVE IT!Very good WBW post!

Toya Ann said...

OMG!!! I still use those and yes, you and Jacob look exactly alike.