Monday, September 8, 2008

Much needed

We had a nice restful weekend, I had all kinds of things I could have done, instead I elected to piddle in the house, relax with some friends and get some much needed rest.

We enjoyed dinner with the Parsley's Sunday night~ A little patio dinner =)
These guys below came to visit, but thank goodness Joe ran them off with some major spray..

Here they are after they had their bath in the posion. Bee's of any type scare me to death.
Max & Maddy were in the neighborhood so we got to visit. Max was telling Jacob all about it..
And Maddy was just chillin' out.

Jacob had a Razorback watch bunking party at Daniel's and had a great time.
Ashley and Bailey came for a night~thanks for the visit!
Have a great week!

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