Tuesday, August 5, 2008

On Sunday...

I left Jacob here. I cried all the way back down that mountain, maybe just a happy cry. I helped him put his sheet on his bunk and headed out, it was oh probably 105 in that cabin. That has been my only concern, the high temps! We hooked up his fan and I was off. I had the camera and I saw him look over at it, probably thinking if she starts snapping pics in this tiny hot cabin she has had it....lol
We were 2nd to register so Jacob got his bunk of choice in cabin B1.
Hopefully I will be able to get some good pics on Friday morning when I go to the Closing Eucharist.
And just maybe I will get a letter today =)
This is a pic I took on Saturday~ toooo hot!

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Susan said...

Never mind I see now which camp it is. Looks like he had fun. I sooo miss going to stuff like that. I can't wait til Setler is old enough, so I can relive through him...in a good way! Or even volunteer as a chaperone for OMP and whatever...surely he'd love that (sarcasm). I promise not to be "that mom" though.