Thursday, August 28, 2008

For Joy =)

Here is a cooler of beer for us to

Why the lack of blogging? I have been so busy with lots o' bullsh*t!
really 2 weeks of crapola! Tonight is an office outing at the River Market and man do I need it.
Jacob and I are getting in the car Friday evening and we are out of here!! We both need to get away.


katandkarl said...

yum yum pass me a beer.

♥Joy♥ said...

I think I quite possibly could be in love with you Stacia. I'm telling you, a bucket of nice, cold...ICE is JUST what I needed!!! LOL Kidding! =D

Thank you for the shout out! It totally made my day...maybe even the rest of my week!


BTW...who won the Pay It Forward?? Did we already find out??

Stacia said...

Pay It Forward coming next week~promise!

Susan said...

That is very appetizing. I am tempted to make it my new header pic.

charlaine said...

I want in on some of that beer! And I second you on the getting away for the weekend. We're outta here for the weekend tomorrow and I can't wait!

Safe trip!!